Who are we?

We are an indie game development team.

Our team was created by restonic4, who is the one who leads the entire team and develops the projects. Depending on the project the people vary.

Rest Studio is a video game development group. This group was founded by restonic4 in roblox, where we started to create basic games in our free time, we continued like this until 2020, from that year, the games began to be somewhat bigger, They weren't so basic anymore, in fact, we made a pretty fun game called Crazy sailors.

From the beginning restonic4 was alone, he did everything, but shortly after the creation of the group his friend PekeUranga joined and together they began to make small games.

Later, when Crazy Sailors was in development, a new group of developers was created, called Nonsense Stoodios, in which development continued for a few more months until it was abandoned. At the same time, Lira started making 3D models for restonic4's projects.

Some time later, 1 month before the start of the summer of 2022, restonic4 moved to unity to start developing better games with more potential. First he made Crazy tiles, a simple game that would help him learn how to use unity, but in September 2022 he started developing Crazy islands, the improved version of Crazy tiles, but this time designed for mobile devices instead of PC

Close to the release of Crazy islands, Bigheadus, leader of Nonsense Stoodios, joined the development of Crazy islands, thus Rest Studio.

And with this the history of our group.

At the moment we can only tell you that we will continue making games. We will continue updating this information, and we have a lot of hype for Crazy island's release on February 1, 2023.

Our best games