Crazy islands February 1, 2023


Crazy Islands is a game in which you will have to gather resources to build a boat and then, be able to escape from islands full of natural disasters.

There are several different levels with various disasters and difficulty levels; you will have to survive.

You can also create your own levels with the level editor and publish them so that other players can play them. You can also play community levels yourself.


Crazy islands - Levels
Crazy islands - How to play
Crazy islands - Natural disasters
Crazy islands - Level editor



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Last update February 1, 2023

This was the first update of the game, which includes everything it has, the game itself.

Frequent questions

What do I need to do to escape?
If you want to flee the island you will have to get six wooden logs and two pieces of cloth, then you should go to the ship to build it and finally go up and escape.

How can i create/upload/configure custom levels?
You can create custom levels by going to settings and opening the custom level editor panel then you can create a new level, edit an existing one, configure it or publish it.

Can my custom level end in the official game levels?
Yes, if we like your level we will contact you through email but you can also contact us to submit your custom level, so we can review it.

What can I do to have my level verified?
If you want your level to be verified, your level will have to make sense, it cannot be an empty level or with little content, it also has to be appropriate for all ages, it cannot contain text, the name of the level and the username as well needs to be appropriate for all ages.


On progress


  • Some little details added/improved.
  • The game is now harder. (Less hearths)
  • Database requests optimized.



  • Google play page created.
  • Release trailer created.
  • Game file size optimized a lot.
  • Credits added.
  • Profanity filter.
  • Level report system.
  • A lot of little details added/upgraded.
  • Minor bug fixes.



  • User authentication upgraded a lot.
  • Databse fixed.
  • A lot of little details added/upgraded.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Database optimized.


  • New system to publish custom levels.
  • New hats.
  • Ads system added.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Tornado added.
  • Fixed extra bonus reward.
  • "Pop" effect added for resources.
  • Re-spawn for tutorial level.
  • Safe-area added to the boat.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • New music selector for custom levels.
  • New sound for tsunami.
  • New jump sound.
  • Tutorial added.
  • Safe-area added to the boat.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Skin inventory system added.
  • Skin shop added.
  • Skin system added.
  • Prodedural animations added.
  • Player model added.


  • Now disasters can fling resources and also the player.
  • Now you can use % and / in custom levels. (Name of the level)
  • Now you can leave some fields empty in custom level settings.


  • Now the decoration sticks to the ground in the level editor.
  • Now you can use the tsunami in custom levels.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Level editor raycast fixed.
  • Tsunami added.
  • Bug fixed that didn't let you play custom levels.
  • Daily rewards notifications added.
  • Daily rewards system added.
  • New 3D models for logs, fabric, tsunami and level islands.



  • Level editor added.
  • Settings ui upgraded.
  • Coming soon system added.
  • Resources's spawn system optimized.
  • Fixed player rotation in the boat.
  • Meteorite's shadow fixed.
  • Meteorite's area improved.
  • Now the game saves the last level you played.
  • New effect for locked islands.

Before 0.5

  • Main game
  • 3D models